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85g Nylon Peel Ply
    • 85g Nylon Peel Ply
    • 85g Nylon Peel Ply
    • 85g Nylon Peel Ply
    • 85g Nylon Peel Ply
    • 85g Nylon Peel Ply
    • 85g Nylon Peel Ply


The peel ply PL85 is Nylon (PA66) woven fabric which is high in quality, yet inexpensive. The peel ply PL85 is designed to work in VARTM vacuum resin infusion or hand lay-up processes. The peel ply PL85 assist or eliminate the need for sanding or abrading on your composite laminate.

We provide different width and roll length , for more information please contact us.


Low material cost.

High temperature resistance suitable for multi resin systems.

Easy to remove, reducing the possibility of the peel ply being left one the parts.


Vacuum bagging applications , hand lay-up process.

Typical Specifications:

Physical PropertyUnitsSpecification
Color-White/Red tracers
Working TemperatureCMax 190
Standard Roll Widthm1.8
Standard Roll lengthm200

Physical PrpertyUnitsSpecificationTest Meth

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