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Function and production process of woven fiberglass cloth


In order to let you directly know the role of woven fiberglass cloth, play a very simple example: we live in the house can be seen as a lot of pieces of glass cloth composition, the building of the house is required to cement and steel, then the glass cloth plays the role of steel, in the process of force has a very important role. Woven fiberglass cloth is mainly used in the production of car body, boat, all kinds of molds and so on, and in aerospace, weapons, ships and other industries can also see it. Woven fiberglass cloth can also be used to insulate the exterior walls of buildings from shock and can increase the strength of fiberglass.

woven fiberglass cloth

Having said so much about its role, we may be very curious about the production process and process of woven fiberglass cloth! Next, let the carbon fiber fabric supplier introduce the glass fiber production process and process to you:

(1) Select raw materials, and then clean, dry after washing

(2) Put the processed raw materials into the clamp pot to preheat, and then ignite and heat (the temperature is controlled at 1100 to 1300 degrees Celsius), and then adjust the temperature.

(3) after drawing, drawing, softening, silk and wrapping silk into finished silk.

(4) The finished products are packaged and then put into storage. Fiberglass is done.

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