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New Division Engergy Saving Materials

Our new Division for Engergy Saving Materials Include ,PVB film , RE thermo insulation spray coating , RE laminate glass

  • Heat Block Rare Earth PVB Film for Laminated Glass

    ELSE 40

    ELSE RARE EARTH PVB interlayer film  is a macro molecule material which produced by extrusion using PVB resin, plasticizer and a special rare earth additives. With the rare earth additives ,our ELSE PVB film is not only with high visible transmittance, super anti-penetration but also with high Infra...
  • Laminated Glass Used PVB Interlayer Film for Automotive


    PVB interlayer film is a polymer material made from polyvinyl butyral and plasticizer through plasticization, formed by pressuring with other additives. Characterized by transparency, resistance to heat, cold and humidity, and high mechanical strength, it is particularly suitable to be used as bondi...
  • SGP Film for Safety Glass


    Compared with PVB film, SGP film (ionized interlayer film) is stronger, more transparent. It is the best choice for ultra-white glass.
    The tear strength of SGP film is 5 times than that of PVB film, and hardness is 100 times than that of PVB film. It's the best material for bullet proof glass.
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