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Iron Pipe Repair Tape/Steel Repair Bandage


Iron Pipe Repair Tape/Steel Repair Bandage has been in hot-selling in JLON Composite recently!


Adopt the technology independently developed by "JLON", Armor-wrap is a glass fiber product made by weaving special glass fibers into fabrics with high strength and high elastic structure, and then coating the surface of the braided tapes with water-cured polymer compounds.

Application area:
A.It is used for the connection of 10kV, 35kV single core or three core cold shrinkable cable intermediate joint in power cable industry, as well as external protection of heat shrinkable cable intermediate joint.

B.It is used in the cold shrinkable tube wrapping technology in the connection of non inflatable communication cables, and can form ideal mechanical protection for cable joints.

C.It is used for rapid leak proof repair, especially for pipeline repair. With plastic steel soil, universal repair and other leak repair materials, will greatly improve the pressure resistance of the repaired pipeline.

D.It can be used in the welding process of industrial manufacturing. It can make the welding arm sheath of hanging electric welding machine to prevent damage to the welding gun.


This product adopts wet curing adhesive material and high sunlight resistance as the base material net cloth bottom lining, easy to use, directly wrapped on the cable accessories or cable can form a high strength outer protective layer, can strengthen the mechanical protection of the joint and cable.

Performance Characteristics:

1. water curing, in the air can also slow curing.

2. Temperature resistance 150ºC.

3. Adhesive to rubber, PVC, polyester, metal, glass fiber and concrete materials.

4.10 minutes fast curing, can be used in water.

5. Water resistance and most chemical solvents and fuel oil, strength moisture retention rate above 85%.

6. Resistant to mechanical wear and can withstand up to 10 kg of internal pressure.

7. There is almost no tension during expansion.

8. Automatic lap of the end end.

9. Adopt high performance packing material, not easy to damage.

Don't hesitate, feel free to contact us for more details!

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