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ARG roving with 16.8% zirconia


Now we are supply super quality ARG roving with min 16.7% of zirconia, it has both acid resistance and alkaline resistance at high levels.
It is mainly used as reinforcement for Glassfiber Reinforced Concrete (GRC) and Calcium Silicate products.
It is also used as crack control material for normal concrete and cement mortar. For more than 20 years, it has been widely applied in construction and civil engineering fields.

The higher zirconia content 16.7% (compare to 14.5%) will bring more benefit to the GRC.

Alkali resistant glass
Excellent unwinding
Low level of fuzz
Compatible with coating and hydraulic binder matrices
Easy chopping
Very easy incorporation into the matrix
Enhancement of GRC mechanical performance and durability
High tensile strength

Also got different length of chopped fiber for premix *
Please contact us for more information.

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