The world's first 3D printed integrated electric bicycle frame
 Oct 27, 2023|View:620

Arevo, headquartered in Silicon Valley, has launched Superstrata, claiming to have "the world's first 3D printed integrated electric bicycle frame". The company has released two models, the Superstrata Terra is a lightweight analog bicycle, and the Superstrata Ion is a Level 1 electric bicycle equipped with a 250W rear wheel motor and 252Wh battery, with an estimated range of 60 miles.


The integrated frame of the bicycle is made by 3D printing a continuous piece of carbon fiber thermoplastic, and the company stated that this frame is more sturdy than any traditional carbon fiber frame on the market today. The use of thermoplastic materials not only makes bicycles stronger and more impact resistant, but also lightweight. The Superstrata Terra weighs only 1.27 kilograms, while the Ion version of the electric bike weighs 10.98 kilograms, depending on size.

Although 3D printing may be a more expensive process, Superstrata states that it can achieve more customized designs and will attract people who are willing to pay additional fees for customization. The customer can send the measurement results, and Superstrata will print the bicycle in 3D up to the spokes. Each framework takes approximately 10 hours to create, and the company claims that it can create up to 250000 unique combinations.

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