The torch of the Asian Games uses carbon fiber materials
 Sep 28, 2023|View:544

On the evening of September 23rd, in a warm and cheerful atmosphere, the highly anticipated 19th Asian Games opened grandly in Hangzhou.

Do you know? The torch of the Asian Games is 730 millimeters high and weighs 1200 grams net. Its design concept is derived from the Liangzhu culture of China's 5000 year history of civilization, named "Huohuo", symbolizing inheritance. The torch uses recyclable metal and carbon fiber materials as a whole, and the internal fuel is propane, ensuring safe and pollution-free combustion.


Domestic sports enterprises provide sports equipment and service guarantees for the Asian Games, and the innovative application of materials is developing rapidly. The competition bike provided this time fully integrates ergonomics and aerodynamics, achieving a key technological breakthrough in aerodynamic efficiency. The overall frame is made of high modulus carbon fiber, which greatly improves the overall strength of the frame.

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