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PVAC Polyvinyl acetate emulsion
High binding Property good shortcut. high wettability with resin suitabilty for chopped yarns and spraying yarns.
Product Detail

Emulsion for chopped strand mat and film forming agent for glass fiber sizing:





(25C mpa.s)

Solid Content


Features and Application

Vinapoly 9966

Polyvinyl acetate emulsion

Milky white liquid



Good bonding, fast wet out with resin, suitable for manufacturing chopped strand mat which is soft and has fast wet out with resin. Equivalent to Henkel 8834

Vinapoly 7033

Polyvinyl acetate emulsion

Milky white liquid



Good bonding and easy to chop. Fast wet out with unsaturated polyester resin. FRP is translucent. Suitable for chopped fiber and spray up roving. Equivalent to Henkel N33

Vinapoly 7037

Polyvinyl acetate emulsion

Milky white liquid



Modified silane type. Good bonding, high strand integrity, high temperature resistance. Suitable for SMC, BMC and DMC roving. Equivalent to Henkel 9937

Vinapoly 7052

Polyvinyl acetate emulsion

Milky white liquid



High strand integrity, easy to chop, fast wet out with resin. Suitable for spray up roving, CSM roving, SMC and BMC roving. Equivalent to Henkel 8852

Vinapoly 885

Waterborne epoxy

Pale yellow liquid



High strand integrity. Suitable for pultrusion and winding roving.

Vinapoly 706:High strand integrity, suitabilityfor chopped yarns and spraying yarns.

Vinapoly 7033:High strandintegrity, particularsuitability for alkali-free SMC &BMCyarnimpregnating agents

Vinapoly 7037:Modified by silane high bindingproperty high strand integrity high temperature resistemt performance is good suitability for SMO& BMC& DMC yarns.

Vinapoly 7052:High strand integrity the cuttingperformance is good high wettability with resin suitability for spraying yarns and chopped yarnsand SMC& BMC yarns.

Vinapoly 9966:High binding property, flexible products.high wettability with resin, suitability formanufacturing glass fiber chopped strandmats which have high wettability withresin, capability of completely replacing similar products of foreign enterprises.

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