Carbon Fiber Fabric for Strengthening Building/Bridge
 Mar 06, 2023|View:575

For building and bridge strengthening, we can provide carbon fabric and carbon stripe for customers to choose.

1) Carbon fabric

Unidirectional woven carbon fiber fabric is produced by laying carbon fiber in warp direction and using hot melt yarn in weft direction to keep fabric stable.

Strengthening concrete structure, brickwork and bridges
Increase of loading capacity
Repair of defects
Flexibility of surface geometry (Beams, columns, chimneys, piles, walls)

2) Carbon stripe
Product Description:
The T-1/T-2 series carbon fiber plates are pultruded carbon fibre reinforced polymer (CFRP) laminates, designed for strengthening concrete, timber, masonry, steel andfibre reinforced polymer structures.
The T-1/T-2 series carbon fiber plates are bonded onto the structureas externally , bonded reinforcement using epoxy resin based adhesive for room temperatures curing.

Advantages and Benefits:
* Non-corroding
* Very high strength
* Excellent durability and fatigue resistance
* Unlimited lengths, no joints required
* Low system thickness, simple execution of plate intersections or crossings
* Easy transportation
* Lightweight, very easy to install, especially overhead(without temporary support)
* Minimum preparation of plate, applicable in severallayers
* Smooth edges without exposed fibres as result of production by pultrusion

If you have interest, please contact us in email freely.

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