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The use of alkali resistant glass fiber in construction field materials
 Nov 02, 2022|View:275

Alkali resistant glass fiber is an inorganic non-metallic material that can replace metals and has excellent properties. Its preparation method uses external force to make the molten glass into a fibrous form. It has high strength, high modulus, low elongation, excellent heat resistance, corrosion resistance, compressibility, high coefficient of thermal expansion, and high melting point, so it is widely used in many fields. This article will explain in detail the application of alkali resistant glass fiber in construction field materials.

alkali resistant glass fiber

As we know, the outstanding feature of cement-based building materials is high compressive strength and low flexural, tensile, and impact strength. With the in-depth research and development of alkali resistant glass fiber, the emergence of alkali resistant glass fiber has produced a new type of glass fiber-reinforced cement material that overcomes the defects of cementitious substrates. This material can not only improve the flexural, tensile, and impact strength of the cement base but also the tensile strength can improve its impact strength.

Alkali resistant glass fiber steel is a composite material with thermosetting or thermoplastic resin as the binder and glass fiber yarn or glass cloth as the filler. It gives full play to the advantages of both materials and has the main features of lightweight and high strength, and has good heat resistance, corrosion resistance, and electrical insulation. The applications of alkali resistant glass fiber steel in construction include lighting, sanitation, decoration, water supply and drainage, heating and ventilation, enclosure civil engineering, electrical, mold, and so on.

In addition, alkali resistant glass fiber tire is another material of alkali resistant glass fiber applied in the construction field. It is made of short-cut glass fiber wet molding and then impregnated with a polymer binder, high-temperature drying, and curing from the glass fiber products. It has good waterproof performance, aging resistance, mold resistance, dimensional stability, and processing performance. At the same time, construction can be used as a hot solution or cold bonding method, and the climate does not affect year-round construction.

The above is the application of alkali resistant glass fiber in construction materials. With the new era of building requirements, the status of alkali resistant glass fiber is increasingly important.

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