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PVC foam core for carbon canoe paddles


JLON PVC foam FOR carbon fiber paddle molding process

Carbon fiber paddles are mainly made by prepreg medium-high temperature molding process. The molding process is a rapid and environmentally friendly molding method in the production of composite materials. It is a method of putting a certain amount of molding material into the mold in the press and curing the molded product quickly under the action of the material curing at a specific temperature and pressure.

material 1:
Carbon fiber prepreg
material 2:
JLON PVC Foam CORE after CNC processing in the shape of paddle blade, which is used as core material of the paddle

Adavatage of carbon fiber prepreg modling process:

High production efficiency, easy to do automated production

High dimensional accuracy and good repeat-ability

smooth and clean surface, no need of secondary modification

Products with complex structure can be formed at one time

Ability to mass produce, low average cost

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