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High performance ETFE release film in stock


High performance fluoropolymer(ETFE) release film

ETFE release film has an excellent elongation which ensures that it will conform to complex

curvatures. It is capable of cure temperatures up to 500°F (260°C). This film will release from most resin systemsand will provide a glossy finish when used directly on the laminate.

All standard perforations are available. Please see our perforation table in this section.

Good elongation and strength reduces tearing and bridging in corners, so less rework on resin rich corners.

Wider films reduce seams yielding faster bagging and safer cures for large parts.

High visibility colors reduces risk of leaving film on cured parts or confusion between perforation styles.

Material type :ETFE

Elongation at break:350 % ASTM D 882

Tensile strength:7000 psi (48 MPa) ASTM D 882

Maximum use temperature:500°F (260°C)

ResinCompatible with most resin systems

Color: Blue/Red/Clear

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