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Non-woven glass tissue for gypsum perforated board


This non-woven glass tissueare made from alkali free glass fibre and acrylic emulsion binder. It can be used as surface layer of insulation materials.

It is mainly used as surface layer of high performance sound proofing glass wool insulation product or as surface layer of glass/rock wool insulation tiles

or as back acoustic insulation layer for wood/aluminum/gypsum ceiling panels.

TypeFire RatingColorTensile (N/mm)Weight (g/m2)Thickness (mm)Width (mm)
E35B1WhiteMD/CD 120/60350.181220
E45B1WhiteMD/CD 130/70450.201220
E50B1WhiteMD/CD 150/75500.301220
E60B1WhiteMD/CD 260/190600.401220
E80B1WhiteMD/CD 300/2101000.501220




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