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FRP PP honeycomb panel for horse trailer


Recently we send our FRP PP Honeycomb panels to our customer in Europa who are the RV and horse trailer manufacturer .

Nowadays the PP honeycomb panels are becoming extremely popular in truck body and trailer designs.

The panel with advantages :

Lighter weight , extremely strong and durable

Seamless one-piece design on large size( we provide panels and are available in sizes up to 4 inches thick, 10 feet wide by 58 feet long)

Easy cut and welding (by heat gun)

Custom manufactured to your specifications.(CNC cutting and embedded parts service provide)

Lighter weight means greater payload and better fuel economy. The lightweight honeycomb panel can also be used in place of the plywood panel or traditional FRP panel(RTM).

In addition to their lightweight advantage, the FRP polypropylene honeycomb panel provide superior sound deadening qualities over aluminum , steel construction and traditional FRP panels. This is more important when you build a horse trailer and recreation vehicle.

The waterproof core will also provide decades of useful panel life in almost any application, environment, or climate.

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