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Polymeric MDI
Product Detail

Product Description

Polymerized MDI Isocyanate Wannate PM200


WANNATE® PM-200 is a diisocyanate-diphenylmethane(MDI)-based composition containing some higher functionality isocyanates. The functionality is about 2.6-2.7. It is a brown liquid at ambient temperatures.

WANNATE® PM-200 can be widely used in the production of rigid PU foam heat-insulating materials; also used in isocyanurate foam, paints, adhesives, structural foam, cellular integral skin foam, automotive bumper and interior parts,

high-resilience foam and synthetic wood, etc. Due to its unique composition structure, WANNATE® PM-200 can provide better flowability. It is, therefore, particularly suitable for the production which require strict flowability of systems.

Product Parameters

Typical Physical and Chemical Properties

Polymeric MDI


210L iron drums, 250kg/drum



Since WANNATE® PM-200 is a reactive chemical, reaction with atmospheric moisture happens easily and leads to the formation of insoluble ureas and carbon dioxide gas, which can result in pressure build-up in closed containers and viscosity increase of the product. Containers must therefore be absolutely dry and carefully sealed after congested with

nitrogen. Containers of WANNATE® PM-200 should be kept properly closed and stored indoors at ambient temperature (15-35ºC) in a well-ventilated area. Storage at low temperature (below 5ºC) may lead to some crystallization; this material must, therefore, be protected from frost.

If crystallization does occur, the material should be heated by rolling the drum in a hot air oven at 70-80ºC to melt it out, and should then be thoroughly agitated before use. Melting in a water bath is not recommended.

Extended storage at temperatures above 50ºC is not recommended to prevent from the formation of insoluble solids and viscosity increase.

Shelf Life

Under recommended storage conditions, the shelf life of WANNATE® PM-200 is one year since the date of production.

MDI Properties

appearence: Brown transparent liquid;

boiling point (℃): 200~208;

stability: stable. Incompatible with strong oxidizing agents, alcohols. May decompose in moist air, or on contact with water.

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